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Building Human Capital

Building Human Capital.

Here at the Urban Warriors we believe that Building Human Capital is the best investment we can make in pushing forward our communities. How do we do this? Sports. Workforce development. Community engagement. These avenues provide the necessary ecosystem to truly grow further, together. Check out what we do below!

Youth Development

In order to fully unleash the true potential of our city, we must invest in its greatest asset: The Youth. Whether it's our sports leg or the arts; all our programs offer wrap around services to the youth and their families.

Structured Sports

Baseball. Soccer. Yoga.

We aim to make sports accessible to all by offering a free of cost program with wrap-around services. We recognizes that the pay-to-play model has made participation inaccessible to many families. Instead of monetary fees, families and the youth are required to contribute community engagement hours. Through this program, the organization aims to promote physical activity and provide a positive community for young people who might not otherwise have access to these opportunities.


The Arts

Podcast today. More Tomorrow.

The Arts portion of our program launched this year with the creation of a podcast, "La Carnita Asada." This program, led by a youth only team, recognizes the importance of providing young people with options outside of sports, and seeks to foster creativity and self-expression through the arts. "La Carnita Asada" provides a platform for youth to share their stories, perspectives, and talents with the wider community. More to come in 2023!


As we continue to grow, we will always work to have the community's needs in mind first. Last year we supported our friends at the Discount Mall. Check out some of those pictures and a few articles about the work. In 2023 we have a slate of community events planned!


Donate | Volunteer | Partner

The Urban Warriors would truly not be made possible without the generosity of our supporters. Our organization operates largely through donations, and can always use some extra support. If you are thinking of becoming a part of the Urban Warriors, there’s no better way than contributing with what you can.

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